IMBOLG  : February 1st  

Imbolg "in the belly" implies quickening. Life is stirring within Mother Earth, she is pregnant with potential for new life. This is the Festival of Renewal, the time of preparation, the beginning of Spring and the return of the light. The temperature has not yet risen, but the days start to lengthen after the resting and darkness of winter. New shoots push through the cold ground and the first lambs are born. Stimulating and invigorating forces cleanse the planet. The ground is cleared of dead growth, and the house of clutter that had accumulated during the winter : Spring Cleaning.

BRIGHID  (13.5cmx5cm Patinated Bronze 1999)

Imbolg is also known as Oíche Fhéile Bhrigide "Night of Brighid's feast" Brighid is the triple Goddess; of poets, healing and smithwork. She emanates from Uisneach : the core and central goddess round which the circle quickens.She is the supreme lawmaker behind the creation of the Senchus Mór (the Brehon Laws), she is invoked for structure, nurturing, protection, food, and the health of family and animals. Traditionally on Feb 1st Brighid Crosses woven from rushes are hung in the outhouses and over the door in the home, a light is sometimes left to burn in the window through the night and a piece of cloth put outside overnight (Brighid's Mantle): all of these rituals and offerings to entreat her blessing and serve as talismans for the forthcoming year.

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