SPRING EQUINOX  : March 21st  

The Spring Equinox: Awakening time. The time of sprouting and everything coming alive. Day and night are of equal length. Period of rapid alteration in the yearly cycle when the change in direction of the solar and cosmic energies has become plain and noticeable. The influence of the tide of activation is not only evident in Nature around us, but is apparent within ourselves. The Spring Equinox is associated with the Christian Festival of Easter. We hail the Equinox and acknolwedge its arrival by climbing to a hill top on that day to greet the dawn with raised arms in salute : welcoming the return of the sun.

ALMU  (11cm X4.5cm, Patinated Bronze 1999)

Almu, Goddess of Leinster, is the White Goddess of Dawn, She stands at Dún Ailline, at the opposite end of an axis drawn through Uismeach to Rathcroghan, the western end of which, is the home of the Goddess Meadhbh. This line appears like a seesaw operated by a White and Red Goddess pivoting on Uismeach. In Kildare, Almu's white mountain faces east, to welcome the return of the sun. Almu is the World Egg. She is two halves; light and dark, hot and cold, day and night, life and death, containing within herself all antagonisms, whilst also affirming their complimentarity. The egg is a symbol of female creation. It represents the universal female generative energy, the source of life itself.

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