BEALTAINE  : May 1st  

Bealtaine "bright fire" is when the ritual fires are rekindled from the Sacred Fire at Uisneach. From here at the centre, Éiru renewed her annual promise to bear pasture. Bealtaine is the traditional time of Fertility Rites and the celebration of natures flowing energy and rising power. A time for singing and dancing : the Festival of Expectation. The return of the green.

BÓINN (14 x 5cms, Patinated Bronze 1999)

The eponymous goddess of the river Boyne who nourishes the Earth with her milk. She is the cosmic cow producing galactic milk, human milk and new foods, she who gives blessings from heaven above and from the abyss below, blessings of Mother life. Her gifts are seen to pour from the sky, from the dark abyss of the unknown and from humanity.

"I have breasts therefore I am" says the great Mother. The mystery of earthly life has its origins in water : in oceans, deep lakes and shallow pools, caves, streams and rivers. Water flows from the Mothers womb before the child is born.

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