Druid Shore

Druid Shore is a consultancy run by
Niamh Ní Shúilleabháin and David Elliott.

Jointly they have had 30 years experience in the practice and teaching of complementary therapies, ecological building design, building biology and human ecology, runic shamanism, core shamanism, Earth mysteries, research into lost knowledge, fine and applied arts, eco-theology, philosophical and mystical studies.

Presently they live in west London, frequently travelling the terra firma of the Celtic lands.

David Elliott

Originally trained as an architect, David since the mid 1960's has been at the forefront of the development of holistic, sustainable and co-operative approaches to being and living with the Earth.

David was instrumental in bringing natural foods to London in the late 1960's, the setting up of the Community health Foundation, Red Moon Press publishing company and the Ecological Design Association in Stroud. He has been the originator and presenter of the U.K.'s pilot Agenda 21 training programmes in holistic and environmentally sustainable approaches to human ecology and building biology at Richmond upon Thames College (U.K.) 1993-1998, for which he has won the National Beacon Award for Lifetime learning.

David is an experienced, dynamic and inspiring lecturer drawing on a lifetime's study of the Mind and the Earth, the nature of the Universe and ourselves, creation Spirituality, the body and planetary sciences.

Niamh Ní Shúilleabháin

Niamh has spent the past thirty years exploring the interconnections between creativity, Spirituality, the Earth and our place in the cosmos. Born in north Cork she was imbued with the wildness and Oneness of the Celtic imagination. Her deep need as a child to be within, and commune with, the stone circles which littered the landscape about her, imprinted a pattern of cycles, circles, time, mystery, dance, movement, sound and Oneness that have driven her in her life's quest: the exploration and expression of this ancient wisdom and connection to the land through art, shamanism, ritual and listening to the Earth.

Niamh has exhibited widely and has work in numerous public and private collections. She too is an experienced lecturer in the fields of creation Spirituality, art, ritual, ecology and eco-theology.

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