What are rituals

Each day at dawn when the sun appears to rise, we may know intellectually that the Earth's rotation creates this apparent phenomenon, but a part of our mind actually experiences the sun rising, not the Earth rolling. Until recently, people who believed that the sun went round the Earth were considered by us as ignorant and primitive, however, we now understand them to be, as Levy Bruhl the anthropologist, describes, "in a state of mystical participation". The aim of ritual is the creation and focusing on that state in which "the mind and the land are one". Our rational left brain cannot know all the answers to life's problems, but the Earth, which is a vast and ancient highly responsive self-regulating system, does. If we listen and allow the Earth to speak, and our ancestors to give us their wisdom, our lives will be enhanced.

What we do

Ritual is an essential part of a balanced and meaningful life. Ritual is one of the keys which can open a door into the realm of the imagination, that realm which is in fact the world of the collective unconscious. We compose rituals , specific to time, place, marking transition from one state of being to another and culture. Birth, puberty, marriage and death, these primal events in our lives, at the core of our humanity have been celebrated in ritual by civilisations down the ages. Generally today we have no rituals for loss, leave-taking, divorce, pregnancy, miscarriage, a girls first menstruation, a boys coming to puberty or for our elders amongst us.

A properly constructed ritual is a way of converting thoughts and intentions into symbolic actions which are powerful enough to get through to the subconscious mind and effect a change. The ritual marks a transition from one mode of being to another, working a transformation within the individual or community, at a deep psychological, physical and Spiritual level, resulting in an altered state of consciousness. A specific and personal ritual integrates you with your immediate environment as well as connecting the event with the cycles of time and the specific energies of the Earth where the ritual will take place.

David and Niamh Elliott, as well as writing and/or performing a ritual with or for you, can make ritual objects or talisman's for you to have and use as part of a ceremony.


We live at the bottom of an ocean of energy. Although we can only see the visible spectrum, we are affected by much of the rest. This ocean is tidal, swept by the moons gravity, the sun's rotational fields and the waves emanating from the Milky Way. We came into being in these cyclical fluctuations. We were created in tune with them and we thrive on them like a fish in the sea, however, we in our modern material world are driven by intellectual models and don't necessarily choose the moment appropriately. The philosopher and the poet both begin with wonder. Ritual brings back wonder.



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