Runic Divination

The Natural Order of the Runes

The Uthark system is the original ancient circular system where the runes are laid out in accordance with the natural laws of nature and in their natural sequence. These ancient and mysterious symbols usually inscribed in wood or stone reveal their true purpose in serving as a blessing to humanity due to the gift of wisdom contained within. Runes help us to better understand the world about us and to find meaning, purpose, joy and clarity throughout our life journey. Starting with UR: the potential before form, and ending with FEH: the culmination and successful completion of a cycle, this point at the NNW of the runic wheel, like Samhain in the Celtic yearly cycle (wheel) is the space were night turns to day and darkness returns to light: in the veils between the worlds all is possible. Every ending is but a new beginning, our challenge is in acknowledging the importance of assimilation and completion so we may move on to new conditions.

Runic Divination

Druid shore's fired stoneware runes encompass the elements of fire, air, earth and water, the staves are painted with a blue cobalt oxide slip. Runes are sound and energy patterns. The runes are the powers inherent in Nature and within ourselves. Runic Divination is carried out to determine `the patterns' in the past that have brought us to where we are now, the energy of what is happening in the present, and the potential outcome in the future, which of course is all determined by the `now.' As with all divinatory systems it is the `intention' with which the work is carried out, is of the most importance. Blue staves are holistic and work efficaciously.

The Rune sets

These rune sets are handmade by David and Niamh with reverence and sincerity. The intention is that they create balance and harmony, help and guidance for us in our journey through life.

The sets have 25 runes (24 staves plus a blank), and come with an instruction sheet on three different divinatory methods, a listing of the quality of each stave (thereby showing us how we can call on each one to balance, aid or heal us) and a hand made natural hessian bag.
We also make single runic pendants as above, for specific work with one particular energy pattern.

The rune sets cost 28.00 and the single pendants cost 5.00, (post and packing upon request),
available by mail order from Druid Shore PO Box 49 Twickenham TW2 7XA UK.


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